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Share Crunchy Baked Chicken or Fish

1 Can of Frenches Onions

Chicken or Mahi Mahi (how ever many you need) 

2 tablespoons of flour (per every 4oz of onions) 

A few eggs

Pre Heat Oven 400 Degrees

Take Frenches onions and flour mix in a zip lock bag and crunch up. Pour Mixture in a bowl

Break your eggs and put them in a seperate bowl

Dip Chicken or Fish in Egg then place in the Onion Mixture. Press hard and cover both sides of the meat with the mixture.

Place a backing sheet (best to cover baking sheet with tin foil) 

Put in Oven to bake - Bake Fish for about 15 mins. or Chicken about 30 Mins






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