Cafe Condesa

  • Categories: American (New), Mexican
  • Neighborhoods: West Village
(212) 352-0050
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Shelby's picture
Ok, so it's not DIRT cheap. But this place gets you the village bistro experience for a fraction of the price of Little Owl and its ilk. A cute place for a date!

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Cafe Condesa in New York, NY - Best of the Web Local

Find information including: phone number (212) 352-0050, ... Cafe Condesa, 460 W 24th St, (212) 352-0050 ... Reply to a review for Cafe Con

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Cafe Condesa Restaurant in New York, NY

Get reviews and information on Cafe Condesa including Cafe Condesa event Info, reviews, pictures, ... Telephone: 212-352-0050.

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Café Condesa - West Village - New York Magazine Restaurant Guide

May 17, 2009 ... 212-352-0050 Send to Phone.

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