Marumi Restaurant

  • Categories: Japanese, Sushi Bars
  • Neighborhoods: Greenwich Village
(212) 979-7055
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Shelby's picture
Very respectable sushi at a palatable price. And shall I mention the $8 "large sake?"

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Marumi Restaurant, New York City, NY : Reviews of Marumi ...

546 La Guardia Pl New York, NY 10012. (212) 979-7055 ... Reviews of Marumi Restaurant. One of my favorite Japanese in the city. by A Yahoo!

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Marumi Restaurant - New York City Restaurants - Greenwich Village ...

Read Marumi Restaurant's review at See Marumi Restaurant's menu ... Phone: 212-979-7055.

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Marumi Restaurant New York : Restaurants : User Reviews user reviews about Marumi Restaurant in New York City. also offers information, ... Marumi Restaurant.

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